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Lowongan Kerja PT Sierad Produce Tbk Januari 2020 Tingkat SMA SMK D3 Dan S1

Lowongan Kerja PT Sierad Produce Tbk Januari 2020 Tingkat SMA SMK D3 Dan S1
Lowongan Kerja PT Sierad Produce Tbk Januari 2020 Tingkat SMA SMK D3 Dan S1 - Toploker,  PT Sierad Produce, Tbk (‘Sierad Produce”) was incorporated on September 6th, 1985 and was formely known as PT Betara Darma Export Import. It was listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1996 and become one of the largest integrated poultry company in the country. Sierad Produce focuses on its core competencies of feeds production, production of day old chicks (“DOC”), broiler commercial farm, contract growing, slaughtering and production of further processed and value added chicken products. Sierad Produce’s vision is to create sustainable and acceptable returns to its shareholders by becoming the leading integrated poultry based food company in Indonesia.

The Company implements tight bio-security technology, product hygiene assurance and slaughtering process based on Islamic Law. As recognition to our product quality with international standard, the Company has received various certifications, among others, HALAL Certificate from Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) from Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia, ISO 9001:2008 and SNI ISO 9001:2008 from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, Veterinary Control Number (NKV) from Head of Animal Husbandry Office of West Java Province, Certificate of Good Feedmill Process (CPPB) from Animal Husbandry and Health General Directorate. One of the Company’s laboratory facility, Prolab Diagnotic Laboratory (“Prolab Jabon”) has also obtained Accreditation Certificate from National Accreditacy Committee for the competency as Testing Laboratory. This certification is manifestation of the Company’s effort to maintain and improve our quality while also increase trust from the customers.


  1. Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in any economics, engineering, industrial management, or other related)
  2. At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in related field field is required this position (Sales Supervisor in FMCG industry)
  3. Good Leadership, communication skill, Drive to result, Agile and high drive for excellent performance
  4. Having driving License (SIM A)
  5. Willing to be placed all over Indonesia

  1. Minimum Bachelor degree
  2. At least 1 year experience in marketing / brand management
  3. Have a good communication skill to establish relation with all party - Have a good analytical & strategic thinking
  4. Supporting Brand Manager in all brand activities
  5. Work closely with R&D on product Development
  6. Analyze & Review market trends, consumer insights and competitor activities
  7. Creating "out of the box" ideas in developing the brand strategy & executing Brand plans
  8. Manage Execution of brand activities as planned, Above The Line & Trough The Line
  9. Willing to be placed in BSD - Tangerang

  1. Pengalaman 3 – 5 tahun sebagai Sales Training Manager di bidang consumer goods
  2. Usia : 30 – 34 tahun
  3. Memiliki kemampuan dalam mengelola sales training dan menyusun kurikulum, khususnya untuk upgrading selling skill Salesman, Territory Sales Supervisor dan Area Sales Manager
  4. Memiliki kemampuan untuk menganalisa kemampuan salesman secara periodik, terkait dengan selling skill dan behaviour.
  5. Mature, memiliki kemampuan bekerjasama dengan team, dan kemampuan berkomunikasi dengan baik.
  6. Willing to spend waktu 50 % mengelola sales training in class room dan 50 % spend waktunya di lapangan (join call dan evaluasi kemampuan sales team di lapangan).

Qualification & Experience :
  1. Bachelor Degree required : preferably Computer Science or Engineering background
  2. 7+ years of proven experience in developing and managing digital platform
  3. Experience in design, develop, implement digital initiatives
  4. Experience in coordinating systems, policies and procedures
  5. Experience in system architecture, system enhancement and maintenance
  6. Experience in data warehouse and BI
  7. Experience in Agile Development Methodology
  8. Have IT Business Analyst background is a plus
  9. Proven ability to supervise and support team, internal and external
  10. Have (SFA) sales force automation, DMS (Distribution Management System, (DSP) Demand Supply Planning, or IOT a plus
  11. Experience in FMCG, commercial and supply chain is a plus
  12. Experience in Poultry business is a plus

Main Responsibilities :
  1. Map out, coordinate and oversee application requirement
  2. Design and develop database, information system and application
  3. Propose, manage development, integration, implementation and maintenance of application system initiatives
  4. Work closely with Business User to ensure projects are completed, implemented and delivered on time and according to budget
  5. Work closely with Business Application Functional Manager and Business Intelligence Manager to create integrated end-to-end application solutions
  6. Overseeing Business Analyst in translating digital vision & strategy into actionable programs
  7. Overseeing Business Analyst in managing digital projects based on timeline, budget and resources
  8. Provide guidance for Developers to deliver optimum and scalable solutions
  9. Provide guidance for Process Excellence Officer to ensure end-to-end process excellence across Business Units

Job Requirment:
  1. Pendidikan Minimal SLTA sederajat / D1
  2. Usia Maksimal 30 tahun
  3. Mempunyai pengalaman dalam bidang Sales operasional (Salesman / Sales TO / Sales Canvasing) di industri FMCG minimal 1 tahun
  4. Mampu mengendarai kendaraan roda 2 dan harus memiliki SIM yang masih berlaku
  5. Menyukai pekerjaan lapangan
  6. Bersedia bekerja dengan target
  7. Memiliki motivasi dan tanggungjawab yang tinggi dalam bekerja

Responsibility :
  1. Mencapai target sales (Sell out; distributor ke outlet)
  2. Membuat rencana kunjungan rutin (Permanen Journey Plan) setiap bulan
  3. Memastikan daily sales routine berjalan dengan baik di distributor
  4. Memastikan tercapainya distribusi dan active outlet dari outlet regular
  5. Memastikan tercapainya availability dan visibility di outlet
  6. Membangun dan mengembangkan hubungan baik di level store

Job Requirements :
  1. Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree / Post Graduate Degree, Food Technology/Nutrition or equivalent.
  2. Required skill(s): product formulation, haccp, gmp, food safety, Quality Management System
  3. Required language(s): Bahasa Indonesia, English
  4. At least 10 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.(Preferably in Food Processing in meat and poultry)
  5. Preferably Senior Managers specializing in R And D or equivalent.

Job Description :
  1. Lead and coordinate all activities within the scope of the R & D Department, from the planning, monitoring and implementation
  2. Ensuring launching new products to meet customer and consumer requirements, both in terms of quality, price and time
  3. Mapping the formula of each product for each brand / customer in accordance with the quality and cost targets established through continuous improvement that includes the search of new materials, a reformulation of the product or production process improvement recommendations
  4. Ensuring products are manufactured comply with the Food Safety and Quality as well as Halal, set by Customers and Governments
  5. Ensuring the availability of R & D budget to support activities in R & D Dept and to monitor its use
  6. Ensuring the availability of human resources and development in R & D in accordance with the required qualification

  1. Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent.
  2. At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  3. Preferably experience in Public Accounting Firm
  4. Has comprehensive knowledge in auditing system (standards and techniques)
  5. Deep knowledge in general accounting, tax practices, financial reports & related regulations.
  6. Good personality, high integrity, independence and objectivity.
  7. Familiar with computer, and understand accounting software which related to the internal auditing system


  • Bagi anda yang tertarik, berminat dan memiliki kualifikasi diatas, silahkan lakukan pendaftaran online di Lamar Pekerjaan dibawah.
  • Seluruh proses rekrutmen ini, tidak dipungut biaya apapun
  • Hati-hati dan selalu waspada terhadap penipuan
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